About me

I am a electrical engineer based in Saxony Germany.

Since my childhood I am interested in science and technical topics.

During my studies at the university of applied science I started to work in the Industry as hardware design engineer and supervisor mainly in R&D also project managment.


I gained experiences in the following areas:

  • high current/power distribution units (PDU's) up to some 100Amps
  • power supply designs: isolated flyback, buck-, boost-, sepic-converters high-/low-voltage
  • low power µC designs based on MSP430 from Texas instruments
  • multiple controller designs from STM32F0 up to ARM A5 with DDR3 memory
  • multiple FPGA designs + DDR3 memory
  • GIG-Ethernet, RS485, RS232, I²C, SPI, I²S, MIPI, HDMI,...
  • high density designs with up to 5.500 components (DDR3, DDR2. FPGA, ARM A8 analog video (fullHD), ADC,..)
  • very high density designs with PoP (0.4mm pitch, Package-on-Package), 0201 etc.
  • designing solder mashines to be able to solder PoP (Package On Package) IC's in the lab
  • Sub 1Ghz designs like Zwave and >1GHz like ZigBee, Bluetooth,...
  • WiFi implementations with different vendors
  • analog and differential video processing units up to 4K60
  • audio amplifiers
  • controlled impedance PCB's
  • building test and measurement equipment like near filed probes to debug EMI issues
  • VDE, UL conform designs


Beside my daily work I am interested in old analog circuits and how they work. I build many tube amplifiers, speakers and nixie tube clocks. Some examples could be seen in the different sections of this page.


Best regards,




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